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Research shows 43% of website visitors go immediately to the search bar, and these searchers are about 2-3 times more likely to convert.

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*Our free search audit is offered to ecommerce websites with more than 50k monthly visitors. Eligibility criteria may change over time.

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Leading retailers increase revenue with best-in-class search

Lacoste got a 150% increase in sales from search and 88% decrease in bounce rate               

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Under Armour achieved a 35% higher conversion rate when using search               

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Decathlon increased its conversion rate by 50% with a more personalized search               

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Why does search matter now, more than ever?

  • 43% of site visitors immediately go to the search box (Forrester)
  • Shoppers using search spend 2.6x more than non-searchers (Salesforce)
  • Personalized search increases conversion rates by up to 400% (McKinsey Company)

Enable anyone to build great search & discovery

Powerful, hosted search API to create fast and relevant search & discovery.

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Flexible, hosted recommendation API with advanced programmatic control.

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