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Customize relevancy and search UX

Get started faster with a modern, as-you-type search experience.

Connect your shoppers with exactly what they're looking for.

Upgrade your Shopify search bar in minutes

One-click installation that you can manage inside your Shopify admin interface.

Create intuitive search that converts better

Instant Search results

Build search UX to display search results with each keystroke easily by leveraging our InstantSearch UX tools.

Build advanced search with filters & facets, sorting options & lightning-fast results.

Autocomplete/Dropdown Search

Deliver dropdown results quickly, displaying categories & tags that update with each keystroke. Delight shoppers with a smarter UX and smoother navigation that will increasing conversion from search to purchase

Cross-platform responsiveness

Algolia runs well on desktop, tablet & mobile.Join the mobile commerce revolution by helping more mobile shoppers find what they're looking for.

All the features you need, out of the box

 Built for developers

 Seamless indexing

 Instant faceting

 First-class security

  Unparalleled speed

 Intuitive ranking

 Comprehensive analytics

 Geo-search capabilities

 Typo tolerance

 Smart highlighting

 99.99% SLA


Conversion rate

Compared to former search solution.


Conversion rate

Compared to former search solution.


Conversion rate

Compared to former search solution.

The most reliable platform for building Consumer-Grade Search

Algolia provides product teams with the resources & tools they need to create fast, relevant search.

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Algolia's features allows Beyond Retro to present their customers with the right content at the right time, maximising conversions and minimising the amount of customers lost on site.

-Beyond Retro

I'm a Shopify Experts developer, and Algolia is the best search app for Shopify HANDS DOWN. If you go to, you'll see that they're used on some really big name fashion brands.


Best search solution of the world (i tested a lot of them). Search is really fast! Amazing customer support — Algolia is going to be the next big thing.


Built for developers, by developers

Leverage all the power of Algolia's hosted search API clients, documentation, community & support

Easy Setup

Algolia is easy to setup and install directly from your Shopify admin panel. Customize search appearance and settings to get the most out of your search.

Customizable Search Results

Easily refine search results to show users your most relevant products. Prioritize featured items or best sellers so that they show up first.

Comprehensive Analytics

Use Algolia Dashboard to get valuable insights into what users are searching for.

Catalog exploration

Offer end users immediate access to all your products, whatever the number of categories or attributes. Search and refine everything instantly.

Seamless Indexing

Automatically index your catalog so that your latest products are always searchable.


Join 6,500+ customers powering their
search experience.

Algolia connects with your Shopify store product catalog and collections, to provide an frictionless search and navigation experience. Easily bring search autocomplete, typo tolerance, synonyms management, filters and facets and many more to your customers, on any device, with unparalleled speed, relevance and reliability.

Are you building something for a non-profit or open source initiative?

Qualifying open source and non-profit projects can get Algolia at a discount (or for free).
Learn more at ourAlgolia for Open Source, or grab your API key and start building right away.

Magento search and discovery by Algolia

Unleash your Magento Store
with powerful
e-commerce site search

Shoppers need instant rewarding experiences and businesses scalable
solutions. Algolia connects with your Magento store to provide a frictionless
site search and navigation experience that increases conversions at scale.

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Algolia powers world leading retailers' search

Much more than a Magento Search extension

State of the art, customizable search UX

Built-in search merchandising and business logic

Powerful search, click and conversion analytics

Seamless integration to your store

Handle millions of search queries in milliseconds

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Work with our Magento expert partners

Are you a small business or developer?

Algolia adapts to all size of stores. Read the documentation and get started quickly.

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The total economic
impact of Algolia

Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Algolia

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In incremental revenue


Dev cost savings compared to open source


IT savings

Assess the ROI for your organization

The Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study examines the potential ROI that enterprises may realize by deploying Algolia.
To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with this investment, Forrester interviewed four customers with up to four years of experience using Algolia. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Algolia on their own organizations.

In the end, our transition to Algolia resulted in higher retention and higher engagement. And if you can make your customers stay with you longer, that will have a material impact on the bottom line.

SVP of Engineering

Algolia has allowed us to dramatically change the way people interact with the search capability on our website. Today, search is the best way to not only find, but to also discover the products they would be interested in.

Product Manager

From the engineering side, with Algolia we mostly get involved in strategy and rely on Algolia to manage how the search engine operates.

Product Manager

Spotlight Summary

Get the key findings and study methodology in
our executive summary of the TEI study.

View the Key Findings Infographic

See the key results of how Algolia produced incremental sales, shortened cycles,
and reduced burdens on IT teams.

Forrester report 2019

The total economic
impact of Algolia

View the infographic

About Algolia

After implementing Algolia, these organizations improved customers' search experience, which resulted in incremental sales, shortened the cycle for updates to search parameters, and reduced the burden on the IT team.




Searches / month


Customers across 100 countries

The TEI is a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Algolia.

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